Freedom 101.3, Ep. 18: Hidden Circles of Legal History

Drawing from the interwoven lives of three influential legal thinkers, Professor Porwancher unearths the hidden networks of personal relationships behind the law. 

Freedom 101.3, Ep. 17: States’ Rights & Voting Rights After Shelby County

In 2013, a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was struck down by the Supreme Court. The reasons and the consequences are examined, and the prospects for restoration are discussed.  

Gordon S. Wood – What Made the Founders Different

The founding fathers have a special significance in American culture different from most other countries. The ideals, aspirations and leadership that our founding fathers created still hold strong in America. Hear why...

Akhil Reed Amar – Our Jacksonian Constitution

In this talk we hear why our constitution may be more Jacksonian than we have been taught. Amar discusses why our constitution could be considered more democratic, perhaps more supportive towards slavery than intended...

Rosemarie Zagarri – Founding Mothers: How Women Shaped The Founding

In the revolutionary era, politics were not exclusively the province of men. Hear how women made an impact in America’s founding without having an official stake in government and politics. This is the fourth lecture ...